After a weekend that will be forever etched in history, police brutality once again stole the show on the final Sunday of August. The week continued with a rollercoaster of emotions. After a week of protest, it is clear the protest will continue, and the community is committed to becoming stronger than ever.

8.31.20 DC Protest
8.31.20 DC Protest

At 10 pm, Sunday night protesters took to the streets, dancing, chanting, and sharing some of the most powerful testimonies. Despite the beautiful heart showed by powerful speakers, minutes later tear gas was in the air.

Metro PD was relentless in their use of ammunition. Lethal or not, it was unjust, unlawful and excessive.

Several protesters were arrested Sunday and Monday Night. Support is needed for those being released. Please click here to find links to help those in need.

Mayor Bowser and Chief Newsome are trying to cover up last weekend events and the recent escalation against protesters. Bowser’s letter already received a very negative response from people who haven’t protested. She exposed herself as just being performative in her support of Black Lives.

Before protesters could rest, Deon Kay was murdered by Metro Police Department. You can find the footage here and the community report here. This week protesters gathered at the Seventh District. The night full of emotions was expected-this was the third video of a Black man being murdered released within a 24-hour period.

The story that will not be told is the powerful unification of the community on display Wednesday night. While on four separate occasions agitators try to stir the pot, the night remained incident-free. One situation that never gets coverage, a shirtless White Male came to the protest looking to fight. Mainstream media would rather talk about why a local Fox reporter got kicked out.

In the far right corner toward the end of the video he approaches, this was in the middle of a bonding moment. The people understood we were getting the footage in the morning. This is now the time for organizing and healing. You had youth leaders, and Ol’ G’s doing some coaching on life. Then this shirtless man appears, starts taking pictures and yelling, and changes the whole dynamic of what mainstream media will walk away with.

What if he never showed up? What if Mike D was able to finish his speech? We will never know because hate arrived. This is what happens at many nights I document the protest. Still, moving towards 100 days in his speech, it is clear that the people’s voice is stronger than ever.

‘Throughout the United States protests continue, violence continues to escalate. This country would rather silence the voices of those who desire equity, freedom, and justice, but the people demand to be heard. This is why the protest will continue. No justice, no peace.