Amnesty International Protest Resources & Toolkits
Includes free resources for planning and attending protests.
Asian Americans Advancing Justice: Know Your Rights Resources 
Know Your Rights resources on what to do if you are stopped by police or law enforcement. 
Available in multiple languages.
Civil Liberties Defense Center: Know Your Rights Trainings
Workshops and resources for activists, immigrants and youth.
International Center on Nonviolent Conflict
Guides and information for planning and engaging in nonviolent protest
The Legal Aid Society: What to Expect if you are Arrested
Information on arrest processing in New York City, and what to expect in most cases if you are arrested.
The Legal Aid Society: What You Need to Know About Protesting NYPD Brutality
Information covering a range of topics to help keep safe New Yorkers
who are protesting New York City Police Department brutality.
Midnight Special Law Collective: Materials & Resources
Includes "know your rights" information and information for 
legal observers and court support as well as other materials.
National Lawyers Guild ResourcesIncludes 'know your rights" information
Water Protector Legal Collective: Know Your Rights - Legal Information Resources
Learn about your rights and get tips for interacting with law enforcement
Ahmaud Arbery
#RunWithMaud(includes option to call)
Justice for Ahmaud Arbery
George Floyd - Demand Justice for George Floyd
Charge the Minneapolis Police Officers
Color of Change: #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Petition
Justice for George Floyd
Raise the Degree
Breonna Taylor
#JusticeForBre(includes the option to film a 30 second video)
Fight for Breonna
Justice for Breonna Taylor(includes option to donate)
Tony McDade
Justice for Tony McDade
Other Petitions
Hands Up Act Petition
Black Lives Matter: #DefundThePolice
Other Advocacy