A nation grieves as it burns. The ashes from the west have carried over to the east. Death and deception remain at the core of everyone’s minds. With Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg not even hours in her death bed, the fight at the heart of justice continues.

Photography by Jenna Ruddock Protesters gather for RGB vigil

Justice without peace is no justice at all. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is set on reminding us how divided this country is. While many can peacefully mourn, Black America is still plagued with myriad issues. The immigrant community is enraged, and women’s rights are under attack. We realize that the peace and liberty we all longed for may not come for a while. As well as the hope for justice.

With RBG passing, we realize the fragility of hope. Thousands gathered at the Supreme Court within an hour of her passing, and many more gather tonight. The nation understands that the fate of America is in the hands of the Senate. So far, the Senate has sold the soul of America for votes.

Like the smoke from the wildfires, the uncomfortable truth is a smog that flows from east to west. We may want the fires to go out, but those who point to the cause of the blaze seem to keep being gaslighted. In flames we are united, in our hearts divided.

Photography by Jenna Ruddock – Candlelight Vigil 8.19.2020

How can death be a political issue? Those who have met her know that Ruth Bader Ginsburg would have understood this. She was so motivated politically to keep her seat that she would rather die than retire and let this current administration claim her successor. Yet here we are. With the promise to fight. Politics aside, her fight – even her death – shows that we are fighting for the morality of America.

As crowds gathered with burning candles in hand, the speakers gave everyone within earshot the marching orders. Fight. It doesn’t matter the religion, race, or creed; we must start uniting and fighting together for America’s soul.

Photo by Jenna Ruddock