Black August began with the nation still in the streets. Protest continue to move forward despite all efforts of suppression. Closing in on 100 days, and this president continues to throw distractions to the public. While those in the streets have not lost sight, it appears the media will also benefit from the protest ending. 

Sports are back. Every channel wants to be able to go to commercial, and streaming sites are beefing up their material all to keep the people on the couch. Pay attention to the bubble while we move further and further into a police state. 

I hear the word fatigue as often as I hear fascism. We have come to a point where one cannot give in to the other. It is clear this administration does not have the common good in mind for the people. This nation is now, for one group of people. The silent majority is now about loyalty to an ideal rooted in racism.  Sowed deep into our nation, racism has begun to grow freely, and to the surprise of many, the fight continues. 

Each day and night, this administration and police departments nationwide give more reason to protest. More police brutality incidents have occurred amid protest, while more protesters have been arrested than Breonna Taylor’s murderers. As tired as many, maybe, now protesters are becoming even more creative in their civil disobedience. Whether it is yoga at Black Lives Matter Plaza or pots and pans parties in front of the Mayor’s house, one thing is certain; the fight must go on. 

With several protests already planned for the weekend and carrying through the week, the thought of the protest losing momentum after the big August 28 march is fading. A new drum is beating, countering the one of genocide and oppression. It is the beat of freedom, truth, and equity. You can try to drown it out, but the freedom songs always will be heard. We will continue to sing, march, fight, and rebel until true freedom and equity is obtained.