They want us to be mere sacrifices. This is the plan, long before our first steps. To be born, fed to a beast whose real appetite is unknown. The only way to survive is to entertain for your life. Only the best bojanglers get to dine. In defeat, we have moistened our lips to the sweet taste of bondage, spoils’ to the victor.

Sprinkled with amendments and glimpses of hope. This dopamine has led to a society of fiends who only feast on hate. This nation plotted to sacrifice us long before we knew we would be in this present sketch of the world. The current projection of reality does not seem new to me.

It has happened before.

Labeling the fight for justice as just anarchy. There is a vast difference between anarchy and the Modern Abolishment Revolution. There is a difference between planning to build and planning to destroy. To say the people in the street only want to destroy everything would undermine generations of pain. This country was long called the Great American Experiment. Black people were integers in the equation; we were never expected to be a part of the sum.

To be used, leveraged, and to be kept unequal in view. You cannot simply put a band-aid on the divided house, it is destined not to stand. We have seen over 400 years of trial and error. Of course, soon enough, those considered waste would realize they were the flavor of this mixing pot. Still, they try to say we are divided.

What divides us that is not crimson? What keeps us so unequally departed? That even as we move onward for more justice, we are met with violence and told to go no further. It is the presence of all that appears to make us none. I know of no color that has truth in hue. Yet, to say we deserve life, or that our life matters is a lie? Why plea for a life that has already been sacrificed. We must bid adieu to the enslaved mind you thought we cherished. To then be reminded of how much we kill each other before they recognize the violence against us.

So, what of the slain? Our skin illuminates our fate, the forecast always dark with a high risk of terror. Rooted deep, our skin projects fear and sin. Our essence and presence is the constant reminder to others who are not like us of from which we came. For which they call us everything but our names. We are supposed to be meek, while the earth we do not inherit.  We are sinners to the other side and no more. If we cannot be cleansed, we cannot be forgiven. We are black, void of soul. So, what of my brethren and sisters? Chattel for entertainment, cages, or displacement?

Apparently unholy. To be slain is to be a sacrifice. To that view, we say no. With the most rage possible, it must be abolished. Not reformed, for most, your argument starts at the wrong place when we debate direction. We cannot pick and choose the convenient injustice which makes us comfortable to be a part of. Many say they love their dogs and yet cage them all the same. People speak about Black Lives Matter as if it were an Animal Rescue mission. You did one good thing, took a picture, and now can say you saved a life. What is life for if not freedom? What is freedom if you cannot have love? Are we all so unrighteous that none will have liberty? Or only the select chosen few? Then who decides?

As this “kingdom” falls, they will empty every piece of ammunition they have to keep it the way it is. There must always be an enemy. Right now, that is us; after this weekend, we must have a clear response.

We are saying farewell to chains; this land cannot shackle us. No law or spear shall pierce the belief that life should be worth living. Our life is not yours to sacrifice. We will stand tall while death and fascism reveal itself. The notion of creating new renaissance thought. This movement however, is not based on the thought of the past; none of those sufficed. It is believing that we will sacrifice so that others will not suffer. Many will rise again to protest tonight. Not to destroy, not to be sacrificed, but to say that freedom and justice is our right.